At XLINQ, we simplify software development to solve your complexity, today and tomorrow. From small enterprises to large corporates, from banking to healthcare, we can deliver a software solution that fits your needs and goals.

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A new way to develop software

We empower your business with next-generation software by leveraging our extensive technical expertise, domain knowledge, and mastery of end-to-end enterprise application development.
Our team of dedicated engineers has created a software development toolbox that writes the solution itself. Literally. No matter what your requirements are, today or tomorrow.

Get all in with every solution


We seamlessly translate your unique business knowledge into innovative software solutions.


We deliver secure and compliant software solutions that help you meet regulatory requirements in any market.


We develop solutions faster than ever before while upholding the highest quality and reliability.


We engineered the best software architecture, which allows our solution to grow with your business.

Meet our Design Center

Our end-to-end application development platform is designed to provide unprecedented agility within a highly secure and compliant environment even for the most complex and regulated industries.

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Digitalise your
business knowledge
End-to-end enterprise applications are automatically generated from your business knowledge.
Secure your
applications by design
Enhance compliance and data security of your business with the platform's built-in security controls.
Easily scale your
Seamlessly deploy and scale new applications with unparalleled flexibility to meet your evolving business needs.
Cut your total cost of ownership
Achieve more with less investment, less development time, and less IT resources.

Offering more for your success

Business Knowledge as Code
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Secure, Compliant and Reliable
Native State Management
Short Time to Market
Absorb Technology Churn
High performance and complexity
Traditional software development

Solving industry challenges


Experience the power of secure and compliant software platform, featuring multiple portals, APIs, and the latest integration patterns that enable you to streamline operations and drive success in the ever-changing financial landscape.

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Replace your legacy systems with cloud-native secure and compliant applications that allow you to enhance the customer experience for maximum competitive advantage, streamline operations, optimise workflows, and future-proof your insurance business.

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Enhance the flexibility and agility of your energy business with applications that seamlessly connect your systems and provide data accessibility for informed decision-making, accelerating the energy transition.

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Unlock the potential of your public sector organisation with digital solutions that allow you to deliver efficient services to citizens, ignite their engagement, and drive better decision-making to build a solid and caring society.

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Break down data silos and adopt innovative telecom applications that help you maximize operational efficiency, exceed customer expectations, and stay ahead of the curve.

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Experience the power of cutting-edge healthcare applications that help you eliminate manual administrative work, seamlessly manage medical data, and optimize R&D operations for enhanced efficiency.

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Bringing new technological dimensions to your business functions

Operations & IT

Automate customer onboarding and account opening processes to reduce manual data entry errors without complex coding.

Risk & Compliance

Manage data securely, ensure regulatory compliance, and enable real-time monitoring of key risk indicators.


Automate financial reporting, improve financial visibility, and streamline expense management

"Because of the possibility of using built-in XLINQ functionality and the embedded security and compliance controls, it only took four months to develop the initial version of our import finance platform suitable to be piloted safely with actual ING customers. This allowed us to innovate fast in a safe and compliant way."
Majonne Bokelman-Dumas
Corporate Venture Builder at ING