We are a team of driven innovators you can always count on.

Our story

XLINQ ("krɒslɪŋk") started with an idea and a group of enthusiastic engineers who dared to think bigger. In the quest to eliminate traditional complexity of technology and replace outdated legacy systems, we began to explore innovative ways to build mission-critical software and create new services faster. We have devised a way of breaking down the software development process into its fundamentals. This allowed us to introduce a way to generate software automatically from specifications based on domain knowledge. Today, we empower businesses to stay ahead of the competition and break new grounds with our next-generation digital solutions.

What’s at the core

Our mission

To empower businesses with innovative software solutions that effectively address their digital challenges.

Our vision

To revolutionize the software development process in regulated industries by reducing complexity.

Our values

Inspired by technology. Guided by values.

We are dedicated to providing reliable solutions that you can trust to consistently meet your business needs


We reduce complexity through innovation, exploring unconventional paths to revolutionize software development


Our unwavering commitment to excellence pushes us to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations

Our people

We foster an inclusive culture while empowering everyone at XLINQ and within our partner ecosystem to do their best. Are you as ambitious as we are to change the world of software development?
Amsterdam, Netherlands