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We help you to capture business knowledge in a structured way and automatically transform it into code.

With an endless range of capabilities, we help you accelerate your digital transformation and obtain a competitive advantage with security, compliance, and scalability.

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Scalable architecture

Leverage pre-built components to compose an end to end solution.

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Build from simple to complex transaction processing, workflow, case management and administrative systems.

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Accelerate go-to-market time by quickly developing and launching innovative solutions.

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Bring down your Total Cost of Ownership up to 50%.

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We simplify the development process by abstracting and automating the requirements of a secure and reliable application and shifting the attention to where it matters the most for your business.


Specification tool

Requirements are captured as Business-knowledge-as-code.


Software generator

Software is generated based on the defined requirements.


Software platform

Software is deployed in a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure.


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Your perfectly-fitting business software is ready to be used.

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"Because of the possibility of using built-in XLINQ functionality and the embedded security and compliance controls, it only took four months to develop the initial version of our import finance platform suitable to be piloted safely with actual ING customers. This allowed us to innovate fast in a safe and compliant way."
Majonne Bokelman-Dumas
Corporate Venture Builder at ING