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With XLINQ’s roots in the banking industry, we have an intimate understanding of the unique digital challenges your financial services organization faces every day. From legal fines to decreased customer satisfaction, the cost is too high to ignore.

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With a strong focus on security and compliance, we leverage our extensive technical and industry expertise to help you surpass the limitations of your current software and stay ahead of the competition. XLINQ empowers you with a custom solution tailored to address the specific needs of your business using the most advanced technologies.

From supply chain finance to payment systems and investment management, we create end-to-end applications of any complexity. Our software generation capabilities provide multiple portals, APIs, and seamless integration patterns for optimal performance with fewer resources.

Solution to your challenge

Client onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process, ensuring efficient and seamless integration while maintaining robust security measures and compliance with industry regulations.

Daily banking

Retrieve, view, analyze and monitor your daily banking operations with bank account management solutions tailored to your needs, including account management, payment services, consumer loans & mortgage.

Wholesale banking

Facilitate your wholesale banking activities via a comprehensive range of services, including supply chain finance, product management, commercial loans, and others.


Embed and manage regulatory constraints within a unified platform that helps you stay compliant with local and international regulations, including KYC, CDD, regulatory reporting, and ESG reporting.

Benefits at a glance

Streamlined operations

Digitize and optimize manual operating processes

Modernized IT infrastructure

Replace your legacy systems with flexible and agile software architecture

Enhanced customer engagement

Provide seamless customer experience

Accelerated time-to-market

Reduce costs and improve revenue by shortening go-to-market time

Safeguarded data

Secure your business and customers from fraud, data breaches, and other cyber risks

Case studies

Streamlining KYC operations

Revolutionizing the bank's perpetual KYC end-to-end processes.

Creating an Award-winning Digital Import Finance Platform

Building a cutting-edge platform for Supplyfy's import finance operations.